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Phil Smith, Owner

My name is Philip Smith.

I am the proud owner of Churchwiz, a decidedly small Christian media company.  There are no corporate offices to be photographed or teams of anonymous people doing all of the work in the background.  I personally develop and maintain websites for each of my clients and work with a small team of trusted colleagues to ensure that I deliver websites to the highest standards possible.

Churchwiz is dedicated to the idea that every church deserves to have a great website, regardless of your budget, location or any other factor.  For several years Churchwiz has been building custom websites for churches, camps and ministries from all over North America and we are proud to work with our client on an ongoing basis.

How It All Started

Coming from a background of full time ministry, we have a unique perspective in that we have seen both sides of the coin when it comes to being in the church AND being in the business world. We realize that there is a great need to find better ways of communicating the gospel to the people around us. Today, that translates into having really nice, effective church website.

And perhaps most importantly, we realize the strains and limitations that so many churches have financially. We want to level the playing field when it comes to websites. That’s why we created Churchwiz.

Who is Churchwiz for?

When it comes to serving people online, the Church is no different than any other business or non-profit. People need to be engaged and captivated by what they are looking at online before they decide to visit that place in person. Today, over 80% of new church attendees evalute a church by its website first.  At Churchwiz, we build websites that are easy to use and affordable to operate. We help you to connect with the community around you – many times before it ever happens in person!

Why Churchwiz?

Churchwiz operates with a Christian standard of ethics and integrity. We always endeavor to communicate honestly and effectively with our clients.  We are not ashamed of the gospel and will, to the best of our ability, take on the character of Christ as we conduct our day to day business.

Thanks for choosing Churchwiz, and enjoy your new website!

Phil Smith

Philip Smith